Die Parzäros

The driving energy of Colombian Rhythms, the clashing sounds of a big city, the joy of dance and the distorted picture of a paradise, gather together in the eclectic music of Die Parzäros, a modern Colombian music band born in Germany.

CD-La Cachaca


El Caimán

Honoring the traditional Cumbia from the caribic coasts of Colombia, El Caiman plays in Germany the most popular songs of this repertoire with native drums, shakers, flutes (Tambores, Maracón y Gaita).

LJL Jazz Quartett

Letting the creativity and imagination explore the immense worlds of sounds, harmonies and rhythm, is the premise of the compositions of Luis Javier Londoño, gathering in his Jazz Quartet, the sound of his musical fantasies.


From the tropical pacific coasts of Colombia, where the Mangrove forests grow, come the rhythm of Currulao, an Afro-Colombian Rhythm played with Marimba, Bombo, Cununo and Guasá (traditional marimba, drums and shakers from Colombia). El Manglar plays in Germany traditional songs from the repertoire of this region.

Santa Emilia

In Weimar, the middle of Germany was born Santa Emilia, a German-Colombian band who enthusiastically played the Colombian Rhythms of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Ostrich Syndrome

There are some unpredictable things in life, and so is the music of Ostrich Syndrome, a Modern Jazz Band born in Weimar, Germany. Free experimentation of sounds, rhythm, structures and textures in their original compositions, is the musical approach of the band.


Salsa/Hip-Hop in German and Spanish with some influences of Jazz, Funk, and Rock, is how the members of DLC Südsound would describe their music, in a genre called „Neo Latin“. DLC Südsound has entertained the crowds in different Clubs and Festivals from Berlin.

Drumset Played by Luis Javier Londoño, except in Reflexiones.

Tres Gatos

Guitar Jazz Trio from Bogota , who played in the Jazz venues from Bogota. They focused on developing their own jazz with own compositions and released their Album „K-minos“ on 2007.

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