A Life For Drums

Luis Javier Londoño is a professional drummer and percussionist from Bogota, Colombia based in Cologne, Germany. He has performed as sideman, band leader and composer in different scenarios and musical styles along his more than 25 years of musical career. Besides his musicianship, he has gathered more than 17 years of pedagogical experience as drum and percussion teacher in different music schools, drum workshops and as private teacher.

In 2006, he pursued a degree in  Musical Studies in Jazz/Drum Set at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota. During his studying period, he played in different Rock, Latin, and Jazz Projects, such as: Estigia (Metal), Tres Gatos (Jazz), Charanga La Cosmica (Salsa), and  Majagua (Col. Folklore/Fusion).

In 2007, he released with the jazz guitar trio Tres Gatos, the album K-minos, where the band members express themselves through their own compositions.

In 2008, he moved to Germany to keep on studying. While applying to the Universities, he played in Berlin with different Latin-Rock Bands, such as DLC Südsound and La Calzada de Los Muertos.

To learn and deepen into Jazz Drumming, he studied at the HfM Franz Liszt Weimar from 2010 to 2014 (Diploma) and from 2014 to 2016 (Master) in Jazz/Drum Set under the tutoring of Prof. Jo Thönes. In this period he played with different local bands, such as Ostrich Syndrome (Modern Jazz), Santa Emilia (Colombian Folklore), Die Trio Musik von Martial Solal (Jazz) and other projects.

Percussion instruments such as the Colombian Marimba, Tambor Alegre, Conga, Cajón and Djembe have been always part of his drummer journey

In 2019, was realeased the album La Cachaca from Die Parzäros, a guitar trio of Colombian musicians living in Germany, which experiments the mixing up of Colombian Folkloric Rhythms with Jazz structures and the emotion of Rock. On this album, Luis Javier integrates the Colombian Tambor Alegre in his drum set.

Actually he is living in Cologne, Germany building up his own Jazz Quartet and playing with different bands.


El Caimán – Dia Andino,- CBE Köln 2017, 2019

Manglar – Matices Tanzt – Köln 2019

El Caimán – Dia Andino – Köln 2016, 2017, 2019

Die Parzäros – Homburger Musiksommer 2017

Die Parzäros / Colors of Colombia – Hütten-Jazz Völklingen 2017

Palo Santo – Langeook Festival 2017

Palo Santo – One World Festival Bonn 2017

Palo Santo – Werne Straßen Festival 2017, 2018

Santa Emilia – Bayreuther Osterfestival 2016

Santa Emilia – Radio Lotte – Live Konzert 2014

Santa Emilia – Freemix Reichenbach 2013

Santa Emilia – Féte de La Musik Weimar 2013

Santa Emilia – Thüringer Jazz Meile 2012


Nicolas Dru Trio – Thüringen Jazz Meile 2011

Nicolas Dru Trio – Thüringer Landesvertretung, – Berlin 2011

Nicolas Dru Trio – Lange Nacht Der Musik – HfM Weimar 2011

Profetas – My World Images – Denmark 2010

Profetas – Aarhus Festival – Aahrus 2010

Profetas -Reggae Jam Festival – Bersenbrück 2008

Tres Gatos – Libelula Dorada Blues y Jazz Festival – Bogota 2007

Tres Gatos – Festival de Danza Contemporanea- Closing Act- Bogota 2006 

Majagua – Petronio Alvarez – Cali 2006